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The 1000-franc note

Human language represents the keystone of the new series of Swiss banknotes and embodies the communicative side of Switzerland. Human language is the connection between a you and an I. Language covers a wide range of manifestations: an encounter while having a conversation, understanding through writing or a physical contact when shaking hands. Language is one of the rare possibilities in our life to overcome the loneliness and isolation of our existence.


Human language is the connection between a you and an I. These constituents translated in the four national languages were assembled to a mosaic which can be discovered in the background of the recto.



The human hand speaks a language of itself and allows encounter, too. 



Written language is an organisation of signs corresponding specifically to the sounds of a spoken language. On the globe, some signs of the International Phonetic Alphabet can be seen. The International Phonetic Alphabet is an attempt to codify with one single alphabet as many sounds as possible.



Speaking a language means automatically participating in a superior system. The system provides the scope in which a language is spoken, cultivated and regulated. It is not only defined by its social and cultural, but also political organisation. Not only social networks are an example of such a system, but also the Swiss Parliament.



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