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The 100-franc note

“Water is the gold of the future”, because water is essential to life. By using this vital resource, we decide upon the possibility and the situation of life tomorrow. Our use of water, in this sense, is always a humanitarian issue.


Water is such a valuable resource that “every drop counts”. This idea influenced the design of the background of the recto. A circular wave structure indicates the circles produced by a drop hitting the surface of the water.



Water is a resource that exists in a cycle. Heated by the sun, the air absorbs water, ascends and produces a high-pressure area. While ascending the air sinks sidewise, cools down, collapses and creates a low-pressure area. The cooler the air is the less water it can absorb. This is the reason why a low-pressure zone is often accompanied by rain. An exemplary situation of high and low-pressure zones is illustrated on the globe of the new 100-franc note.



Water is a finite resource which needs a responsible attitude to its usage.



Water is a resource essential to life. That is why people do not shrink back from even the most difficult and inhospitable terrains when it comes to transporting this valuable resource.



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