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The 20-franc note

It is a traveller on an eternal journey. On this journey, it can get refracted and reflected. Yet, this does not interrupt its journey. On the contrary: Being refracted its journey becomes colourful. Being reflected, its journey becomes an interplay of surprising symmetries. If the journey is projected on a screen, the appearance of a second world is revealed where before there was only white empty space. The traveller’s name is “light”.


Light is something that when being emitted it goes on an eternal journey. Depending on the distance of a celestial body from our earth, the light emitted can travel thousands of lightyears until it shows as a star in our night sky.


Light is something that is mainly colourless but when refracted by a prism it becomes colourful.


Light is something that is reflected everywhere in the world and thus creates the most surprising symmetries. The fine line structures in the background of the front of the note simulate the view through a kaleidoscope creating a world of perfect geometry with multiple reflections. 


Light is something that being reflected by the scales of a butterfly covers the butterfly in a sea of colours. Three illustrations of a butterfly show the three phases of a wing beat. Single wing images are put into sequence creating the illusion of motion in a film. 

Light is something that we can produce also artificially und project it on to a screen. What is an empty white space at first suddenly becomes the illusion of a second world.


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