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Neotopia. Atlas of equitable distribution of the world

Manuela Pfrunder, Limmat Verlag Zurich2002

Neotopia was written in 2000 as a thesis in Graphic Design on the topic of “Uniform” and published by Limmat Verlag in 2002.

Neotopia asks how the world would look if every human being had the same opportunities.

In Neotopia, Manuela Pfrunder answers this question by presenting an imaginary new world order. The work portrays the vision of a world in which everything is redistributed on the basis of a radical approach to justice, in which every human being has equal rights, and can thus also lay equal claim to all resources. Reflecting statistics based on today’s situation, ownership is regulated in such a way that every human being receives an equal share of everything. What will each individual then own? How much island? How much ice? How long will we live in luxury? How long will we starve, and in how many years will we receive a new pair of jeans?

Neotopia allocates each person their own country, measuring 291.5 m x 291.5 m, including an island, water, cultivated and pasture land, desert, a share of rice, car and soap production, and the liberty to handle their resources as they please.


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