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The 50-franc note

It is not only itself permanently in motion, but it also engenders movement. It equalises differences in atmospheric pressure. It is also the air we breathe. And it is the stuff of which dreams of human flight are made. It is the wind that permeates the 50-franc note – from the key design components right down to minute detailing.


The wind is a pressure-equalising force that connects the most diverse regions of our planet.


The subtle arrow structure in the background of the recto of the note illustrates an exemplary and fictitious situation in terms of balancing pressure in the trans-regional context of the northern hemisphere.


But wind is also a force that humankind can generate, as is illustrated in the image of the dandelion seeds being blown forth into the air.


The many faces of the wind are amplified by Switzerland’s diverse landscapes: glaciers create downdraughts, sunny woodlands create updraughts and Alpine regions create valley and mountain air currents. At the same time, the wind has the power to both physically carry us in flight and to lift our spirits, giving us a sense of freedom.


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